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Dj Koekelberg

Dj-vinden.be bevat helaas nog geen deejays in Koekelberg. Ga naar dj Brussels-Gewest of ga naar direct contact met deejays om via één e-mail in contact te komen met meerdere deejays tegelijk. Hieronder worden nu resultaten getoond uit de provincie Brussels-Gewest.


DJ Nesta The Originator

Niet gevestigd in de plaats Koekelberg, maar wel in de provincie Brussels-Gewest.
Decemberstraat 23b, 1200 Sint Lambrechts Woluwe (Brussels-Gewest)
Tel: +32485417115, Fax: -, BTW-nr: -
I am DJ Nesta The Originator, born in The Netherlands, from 1997 till 2014
living in the Czech Republic and now living in Brussels, Belgium. For more than 30 years I am collecting and playing reggae and dub.

If you are looking for a DJ to entertain the crowd with a wide range of reggae and dub styles, from old-school reggae oldies via roots reggae hits to modern dub, you are at the right place. I am ready to play on reggae and dub events, but I also enjoy getting a mainstream crowd on their feet, dancing on reggae tunes. I have written some songs by myself as well, so singing may be part of my performance.
Diensten: Reggae DJ
Er wordt gewerkt op afspraak.
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