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2900 Schoten (Antwerpen)
Tel: +32477579078
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Afbeelding › Identitylab YB, better known as DJ Flowchief is a rising Belgian electronic music DJ and producer. Born and raised in Antwerp. Ready to rock your event.
DJ Flowchief doesn’t lock himself within a single genre of music.
“Good music is good music” he says, and we totally agree! It’s shown in his diverse mixes which he weaves seamlessly together.

As soon as he enters the DJ booth, Flowchief puts his full focus on the music, the crowd and how those two will combine. Once the beats of his first record kick in, the room lights up and hands fill the air.

Flowchief knows how to surprise people. He continues to stand out from the fast growing amount of deejays thanks to his outstanding technical skills and his natural ability to keep dancefloors grooving (nor can he stand still for a second).
Like his approach to deejaying, Flowchief approach to producing is unbound by genre but keeps his style. While working on some new homemade tracks, he keeps on spoiling his followers with crazy sets.

Do you want to lose yourself in the music and become one with the beating sounds?

Then DJ Flowchief is your man
Diensten: Clubbing, Festivals, Privé feestjes, Trouwfeesten, Buitenland
Er wordt gewerkt op afspraak.
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Het werkgebied is niet beperkt tot een bepaalde afstand.
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